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Wayne Carney

Founder of Carney Battery Handling  Ltd.,


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For more than 30 years Carney Battery Handling has been designing, manufacturing and supporting critical battery room solutions for customers across the globe.

With Carney’s reputation built on delivering safe, reliable and robustly engineered products covering everything from single battery stands and manual changers to large and fully automated systems supporting hundreds of batteries, you can be confident that Carney will deliver the right solution for your needs, today and in the future.

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Who We Are

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Carney Battery Handling is on the leading edge of battery system design incorporating state of the art Automation and System controls to lower your operating costs and minimize down time.

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Backed by the strongest warranties in the industry you can trust the Carney name to provide reliable performance with minimal maintenance cost.

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Over 30 years Carney Battery Handling has been designing and manufacturing Battery Rooms and accessories to meet the stringent needs of our customers.

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