Battery Stands

Specialized Solutions for Safe and Efficient Battery Lift-Out Applications


Battery Roller Stand

The increased use of roll-out designs in lift trucks has greatly improved change efficiency and speeds. Our comprehensive range of single, double, triple & quad roller stands has proven to be the industry standard in dependable and robust design for over 35 years.

All models are precisely engineered and constructed with a fully welded oversized frame, oversized spring-loaded rollers and bearings plus integrated safety and bump stops to maximize efficiency without compromising safety. Each stand is finished in acid proof powder coating and has a comprehensive range of options including integrated drip trays, charger shelves, direct ventilation and cable management systems. Available in a full range of widths, depths and roll-off heights, CBH can offer a matched stand for your application no matter how unique.

  • Complete range of single, double, triple and quad configurations to support all battery dimensions and roll-out heights
  • Fully welded construction finished in acid proof powder coating
  • 2 ½” diameter spring loaded rollers with all steel bearings handle even the heaviest workload.
  • Non-conductive and non-slip roller covers
  • Simple to adjust legs to allow compensation for uneven floors
  • Integrated bump and safety stops ensure efficient yet safe changes
  • Full range of matched options gives flexibility to meet your changing needs
  • Fully welded charger shelf
  • Ventilation kits for direct gas extraction
  • Polypropylene drip trays
  • Cable management systems
  • Custom widths
  • Drip trays


Stationary Battery Rack

CBH’s Stationary Battery Racks are engineered with a focus on safety, reliability and durability, without compromising their day-to-day usability. Based on years of experience, the SBR models are uniquely designed with left-to-right rail alignment – meaning no minimum battery widths or risk of a battery falling through if placed incorrectly.

These rails are sealed steel with a poly sleeve and end cap design for clean electrolyte drainage, longer service life and less impact on your workspace. With the option of bolt-on charger shelves, integrated ventilation, drips tray and three standard sizes, the SBR is the ideal choice for any lift out application and can be tightly integrated into a mixed lift-out roll-out system design.

  • Left to right rail alignment ensures stability of batteries no matter how wide or narrow
  • Fully sealed steel-core rail design improves durability and serviceability of your rack
  • Finished in acid proof powder coating to protect your investment
  • Available in 3 standard widths – 33.5” 64.5” & 96” with additional custom sizes available upon request
  • Matched bolt-on charger shelves finished in acid proof powder coating
  • Can be neatly integrated into system with roller stands for hybrid lift-out roll-out environments
  • Fully welded charger shelf
  • Integrated ventilation option delivers direct and adjustable battery-top extraction of gassing during the charging process
  • Ventilation kits for direct gas extraction
  • Available in standard and custom width


Cobra Roller Stand

The Cobra Roller Stand (CRS) offers a low duty cost effective solution suited to short-term, low volume or rental applications. With single and double frame sizes, the CRS accommodates up to 45″ wide batteries and has adjustable feet to allow for safe usage on even floors.

  • Designed for low cost rapid fulfillment requirements
  • Fully welded steel frame construction finished in acid proof powder coating
  • Available in 6 sizes – 15”, 18” & 23” rollers in single and double roller frames
  • Standard 7” roll-off height and 42” depth
  • Adjustable feet (+/- ¾”) allow for safe usage on even floors
  • All steel roller and bearing construction
  • Complete range of bolt-on options kits to expand functionality
  • Lower cost limited-fitment range
  • Safety latch kits
  • Matched bolt-on charger shelves
  • Bolt-in backstop to reduce depth to 32”
  • 13” roll-off leg kit
  • Stand link kits – to secure side by side stands to each other
All Aluminum Battery Service Stand
Aluminum Battery Stand


Aluminum Battery Roller Stand

Aluminum Battery Roller Stands are designed for battery service technicians. These lightweight stands offer a simple, cost-effective and easy way for technicians to service batteries on the go. The innovative design includes a built-in backstop and safety latch to keep batteries in place during service. A one-step solution, the Carney Aluminum Roller Stand is constructed entirely of aluminum making it easy for anyone to maneuver.

  • All aluminum construction for lightweight handling
  • Steel rollers
  • Simple to adjust legs to allow compensation for uneven floors
  • Integrated bump and safety stops ensure battery security
  • Portable  
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