Park and Charge Stands

Configurable Charger Stands with Custom Heights, Widths and Shelving

Carney Battery Handling offers a wide range of park and charge stands to suit multiple charger configuration suited to various facility layouts. Our opportunity charging stations and floor mount charger shelves can be completely customized for various widths, heights and shelves and shelf configurations. Call us today to discuss your application requirements or for a free quote.

Floor Mount Charger Shelf (FM-CS)
  • Custom widths up to 96” and 30” deep to support all common chargers
  • All welded construction
  • Finished in acid proof powder coating
  • Custom height available


Floor Mount Charger Shelf – High Frequency with 2 Shelves (FM-CS-HF-S2-BB)
  • Front facing shelves available
  • All welded construction
  • Custom heights and shelf dimensions available
Versa Stand

The Versa Stand is an easily configurable charger stand that can be modified to fit any specific brand of chargers. The low-cost stand is designed for simple disassembly for compact shipping and transportation, and is finished in acid proof powder coating for long-lasting durability.

HF Floor Mount Charger Shelves

The Versa Stand in different configurations above, easily able to be modified for different chargers and compact shipping.

Floor Mount Charger Stand Table and Custom Charger Stand design

Park and Charge Accessories

CBH offers a selection of battery watering accessories to effectively water forklift batteries. We can provide stand-alone systems or onboard watering system conveniently mounted to our Battery Bull operator platform.

Lift Truck Stops
  • Mounts to floor to protect charger and stands from lift truck collisions
Wall Mount Charger Bracket (WMCB)
  • Secures chargers up and out of harm’s way
  • Flexible design allows for fitment to all common chargers
Charger Cable Retractor (CBS-221 Pogo Stick) and Magnetic Cable Guide

It is important to keep your charger cables and plugs organized and uncluttered. CBH offers various products that can keep cables secured, eliminating hazards in the battery charging area.

  • Quickly and safely manage and reduce damage to your DC charger cables
  • Heavy duty spring-loaded construction
  • Flexible mounting option
Cable Retractor Wall Bracket (CRWB)
  • Used in conjunction with WMBC to mount pogo stick to wall
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