Unparalleled Strength, Durability, and Design for Reliable Lift-Out Gantry Systems

Even with the increased use of the roll-out battery extraction, there remains a need for safe, reliable and effective lift-out gantry systems to support legacy and specialized equipment.

CBH’s range of gantry cranes are available in both fixed and mobile configuration with manual and hydraulic drive. Our unique hydraulic drive system uses positive traction on both sides to reduce twisting and frame stress. This only requires a floor guide on one side, which allows for better workspace utilization. We also offer solutions for permanent floor mounting, reversed braces, cantilever or uneven floor requirements.

A full range of sizes and capacities are available to support all battery fleets with tightly integrated safety and protection systems for both operators and assets.


  • Fully programmable logic-based AC power systems give precise control and responsiveness for faster changes
  • Up to 6,000lb lift capacity
  • Full range of sizes up to 22’ span and 12’ clearance
  • Mobile cranes can be manually powered or hydraulically driven
  • Series hydraulic drive system provides positive traction to both sides of crane
  • Meets or exceeds or OHSA regulations
  • Full range of sizes up to 22’ span and 12’ clearance
  • Available in fixed or mobile configurations
  • Manually powered or hydraulically driven
  • Custom options for permanent floor mounting, reversed braces, cantilever or uneven floor requirements
  • Additional crane systems available through Carney Fabricating including Bridge (Overhead) Cranes, Jib Cranes, Workstation Crane Systems, Monorail Crane Systems, Pedestal Cranes, and Davit Cranes
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