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For over 35 years, Carney Battery Handling (CBH) Ltd. is recognized as the global leader in innovation, design, and manufacturing of complete battery room solutions. Our primary focus is to drive customer satisfaction by delivering the highest quality and safest products, whether they be single battery stands, manual changers, or large scale fully automated systems supporting hundreds of batteries.

CBH is proud to serve our customers at every stage of their equipment purchase and integration process – from design, engineering, sales, and aftercare service, around the world.

We are dedicated to supporting our business partners with quality products, fast response time, integrity and respect.

Our Products

Fully Automated Systems

Our fully programmable, logic-based automated systems include our BBE-FA (Battery Bull Electric – Fully Automated) and our MAC (Mini Auto Charger), with no operator required and on-board display panel for integration into your battery fleet management systems.

Man-Aboard Battery Changing Systems

Our BBE (Battery Bull Electric) and BBH (Battery Bull Hydraulic) allow your operators to deliver faster, more consistent and accurate battery changes that will keep your truck fleet productive instead of backed up in the battery room.

Battery Tuggers

Our Battery Tuggers have become the global standard in low-volume, high-efficiency battery changing. The reliability, safety and changing efficiency are unrivaled in today’s battery changing industry and can include custom drop-in attachments for special roll off heights and battery sizes.

Manual Battery Extractors

For infrequent battery changing needs, our manual extractors remain a low cost, yet effective solution engineered to allow safe and effortless manual battery changes. The operator benefits from integrated battery stops, foot braking and the option of loading and unloading from both sides of the system.

Multi-Level racking systems

The Battery Racking System is the foundation for all well engineered battery changing rooms. CBH’s racking systems come with an integrated battery safety stop and optional removable drip trays, constructed from lightweight and flexible polyethylene.

Ventilation Systems

CBH is the only manufacturer to provide a unique at-the-source ventilation system that is fully integrated into the battery rack system. The entire battery rack support structure is completely enclosed, with only the front being exposed, becoming a fume hood around all batteries.

Battery Stands

Our Battery Stands are engineered with a focus on safety, reliability and durability without compromising their day-to-day usability. Available in standard and custom widths, our  solutions will meet your battery lift-out demands for any application.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry Cranes are free standing A-frame structures with a single or double girder running across from one A-frame to another supporting a trolley and hoist. We provide various configurations, from permanent floor mounting, on-rail models, or hydraulic gantry cranes.

Lifting Beams

Our lifting beams are designed for applications where there are multiple pick points and can be attached to your existing crane or forklift by the hook to provide you more stability. These range from simple spreaders or lifting beams to complex h-beam or load balancing lifting solutions.

Battery Wash Systems

CBH offers a closed-loop battery washing system to reduce voltage drops, ground tracking and corrosion to both the battery and lift truck, as well as provide increased safety for both operators and maintenance personnel.


We offer a complete line of Charger Stands for every possible application. Our product range includes floor mount charger shelves, high-frequency charger shelves, park and charge stands, lift truck stops, wall mount charger brackets and more.


Our battery room and warehouse accessories include everything from safety equipment, charger stands, racking components, battery watering accessories, cable retractors, power distribution panels and battery monitoring systems.

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