Battery Wash Systems

Dramatically Improve Lift Truck Performance and Forklift Battery Lifespan


Automatic Battery Maid

It is well documented that a clean battery dramatically improves lift truck performance by reducing voltage drops, ground tracking and corrosion to both the battery and lift truck, as well as providing increased safety for both operators and maintenance personnel.

Carney’s ABM allows you to enjoy these benefits without the usual risk and mess associated with traditional pressure cleaning and manual battery wash stations. The automated wash and drying features are housed within a self-contained unit that is user-friendly and simple to use.

This stand-alone unit can be connected to our Wastewater Treatment System (WWTS) to provide a closed-loop battery washing system that does not require drainage. The ABM utilizes its power interlock door system, automated acid neutralization and programmable washing and drying cycles, coupled with a digital PH interface to provide the fastest, safest, and most reliable battery cleaning system available today.

The system accommodates for both lift-out and roll-out battery systems and offers the highest available wash pressure of 100PSI and flow rate of 16GPM delivered across the entire battery, regardless of size, by our powered oscillating wash arm. If you’re after the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to keep your battery fleet clean and performing at its best the ABM is the only logical choice.

  • All stainless-steel construction for maximum corrosion resistance and durability
  • Standard powered door with option of automated door system
  • Flip top allows for both roll-out and lift-out battery applications
  • Highest flow rate (16GPM) and wash pressure (100PSI) available
  • Powered oscillating wash arm is adjustable to suit all battery widths and sizes
  • Comprehensive safety systems include full door interlock during use, safety guards on external pinch points, ground fault indication.
  • Programmable wash time and drying time to suit your fleet and schedules
  • Clear digital pH meter and automated neutralization
  • Full range of matched consumables
  • Can be integrated to our Wastewater Treatment System (WWTS)
  • Fully compliant with strict environmental regulations for battery washing
  • Wastewater System
  • Battery Shine Wash Solution
  • Magic Powder Flocculent
  • Filter Media Kits
  • Air Compressor Kits







Battery Wash System

For small fleets with infrequent washing needs, CBH’s semi-automatic wash station provides an efficient and cost effective to keep your batteries operating at their peak. The BWS allows for both roll-out and lift-out systems with a full range of matched consumables and can be integrated with our Wastewater Treatment System (WWTS) to provide a closed-loop battery washing system that does not require drainage.

    • Heavy-duty stainless-steel construction
    • Independent 1700 PSI supply delivered via handheld wand
    • Digital PH display which automatically dispenses neutralizer
    • Suits roll-in or gantry loading of batteries
    • No floor drains required
    • Integrated splash guards
    • Ground fault circuit protection
    • Adjustable legs for leveling
    • Wastewater System integration


    Portable Battery Wash Station

    • Extremely compact for easy handling and transporting
    • 100% stainless steel and PVC construction for long life
    • Removable slide strips for easy access
    • Stainless steel sump pump lifts out for easy cleaning
    • Removable trash screen for easy cleaning
    • Clear removable PVC splash curtain for easy access
    • Two removable top covers help to prevent overspray
    • Compact fold down operator standing platforms
    • Two on-board, 150 gal. water holding tanks
    • Ground fault protected electrical outlets
    • Minimal over-spray during operation
    • Integrated 1600 PSI pressure washer with spray nozzle and brush
    • ½ HP wastewater discharge pump
    • Overall length 87”
    • Overall width 57”
    • Overall height 62”
    • Total weight 854 lbs.
    • Power requirements: 120 V/ @20 amps
    • 1600 PSI @ 1.23 gal. per minute
    • Total amp draw of 16 amps @ 120V









    Wastewater Treatment System

    With an increased focus on both environmental impact and safety practices in today’s workplace, the handling and disposing of hazardous waste by-products from battery washing can be a complicated and expensive task.

    Our Wastewater Treatment System (WWTS) allows for fast, easy, safe and most importantly, environmentally friendly handling and disposal of your battery washing contaminates.

    Engineered and constructed as a stand-alone unit, the WWTS works directly with our Automated Battery Maid (ABM), however it can be modified to accommodate any battery wash system in your facility.

    The WWTS provided a clean ‘white glove’ approach to handling and managing the contaminants by preventing them from re-entering the environment, separating contaminants into a filtered tank for removal and disposal while reclaiming <98% of the water for re-use.

    The clear body construction and hinged access lid ensure monitoring of the system state and operation is quick and easy. The non-corrosive valve and supply system is engineered to withstand even the harshest workload. Through the use of our specialized flocculent and neutralization process, the by-products can be safely handled and disposed of with regular waste (subject to local regulations).

    • Freestanding closed-loop construction with no need for floor drains or other outlets
    • 98% of water can be reclaimed and reused
    • Will filter and recycle water within minutes for reuse in wash systems
    • Clear PVC body makes operation and management of supply a breeze
    • Hinged lid systems for clean handling
    • Integrated control system when used with our Battery Maid
    • Low water supply cut-off protects pump from excess wear and stress
    • Magic Powder Flocculent
    • Filter Media Kits

    Washing Consumables

    Safe and effective washing of your battery assets can only be achieved using the right consumables. CBH offers a complete line of washing consumables to allow fast, accurate and efficient cleaning without mess, including Battery Shine Cleaning Solution, Magic Powder Flocculant and Filter Media.

    Battery Shine (CBS-250)

    • Non foaming de-greasing agent neutralizes acid deposits and buildup
    • Breaks down
    • Accelerates settling process in waste treatment

    “Magic Powder” Flocculant Formula (ST-901)

    • Accelerates settling and separation in Wastewater Treatment System (WWTS) allows for white glove disposal

    Filter Media 50/100 Sheet Packs (ST-900/914)

    • Replacement filter media for Wastewater Treatment System (WWTS)
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