The First Truly Universal Battery Changer

A finalist for the NED Innovation awards, the UNI-Tugger makes zero compromises on performance. Its flexibility to accommodate all roll-out heights minimizes strain on employees and has proven noteworthy for industry leaders. Winning the reader’s choice award for product of the year the UNI-Tuggers linear actuator system and powerful electromagnet make for a fast, reliable battery change every time.

The latest addition to our globally recognized BTE series, the UNI-Tugger is part of our continued commitment to innovation and quality. Truly one size fits all; it’s simply the best choice when you need an economical battery changer that doesn’t skimp on adaptability.


  • Compatible with a variety of battery sizes and roll-out heights
  • Offers an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution
  • Permanently bolted to host pallet truck
  • Can be held in stock due to flexible design
  • Competitively priced
  • Custom colours available
  • Fold-down battery guide for narrow batteries
  • Front safety gate
  • 10-pole magnet available for batteries over 3,530 lbs
  • Variable speed joystick 
  • Emergency stop controls

*The 3D rendering above displays a premium unit that includes a battery guide, variable joystick and emergency stop controls*

Perfect for low-volume battery changing, the UNI-Tugger allows operators to change batteries from various lift trucks and roll-out heights. This provides a unique opportunity for distributors to offer equipment rentals and for customers to require only one unit for multiple applications. 

New Equipment Digest Finalist
Product of the year

Highlighted Features & Options

Universal Battery Changer - Roller Bed in Green

Roll-out Height Range

Designed to be used with a powered host pallet truck, the UNI-Tugger requires no additional power to operate and can accommodate all forklift batteries & heights.

Universal Battery Changer - Emergency Stop Button

Emergency Stop Controls

The variable joystick and emergency stop controls are built-in! Designed to keep your employees alert and safe during every change.
Universal Battery Changer - Electromagnet

Powerful Electromagnet

We’re so confident in our electromagnets they come with a 5-year warranty.  Ten pole magnets are also available for applications with changes greater than 1.5 tons.


Frequently Asked Questions

Uni-tugger lifted
What makes the UNI-Tugger so different from other mobile battery changers?
The UNI-Tugger is able to change batteries with a wide variety of roll-out
heights accommodating multiple lift trucks and applications simultaneously.
What makes adjustable roll-out so special?
This ability to universally change forklift batteries means that distributors
can hold the UNI-Tugger in stock and offer an ‘off the shelf’ solution with the
possibility of providing equipment rentals.
Can I customize the UNI-Tugger?
YES! Specific options like 10 Pole magnets for heavy batteries (over 3,526lbs
/1,600kg), Battery Guides for narrow batteries, Safety Gates and extended reach
are all available add-ons. The UNI-Tugger is also available in a variety of colours.
What type of warranty does the electromagnet have?

Every CBH electromagnet comes with a 5-Year warranty. 

How is the UNI-Tugger powered?
An electrically powered pallet truck is permanently affixed to the UNI-Tugger,
providing the power it needs to operate.
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