Well, if we have learned one thing over the last year and a half, it’s the benefit of being able to work and connect remotely. Whether it’s a Zoom meeting with family and friends or a sales meeting with customers on Teams. We are all connecting in new ways and while things are looking like we may soon be returning to a new normal, some of these remote connections provide clear benefits.

At Carney Battery Handling we are always looking for new ways to improve customer support and reduce downtime. A few years back we began integrating an Industrial Remote Access module into our automated battery systems. Now, all our automated systems include software equipped with this remote access module. We use the “Ewon Cosy+ from HMS networks”. The role of this device is to allow us to establish a safe and secure VPN connection between your machine and the automation department at Carney Battery Handling. With a quick flick of a switch, customers can now connect via a hardwired ethernet connection, WIFI, or in remote applications via cellular service.

 The IT department at several facilities have strict network security and software limitations. Our automation specialists will always work with them to find a suitable custom set-up if needed for custom login support. We provide:

  • Pre-configure our remote access modules to talk to the PLC, HMI, and Variable Frequency Drives.
  • Download updates in minutes.
  • Troubleshoot virtually in real-time to help diagnose problems.

There are obvious cost savings with the reduction in travel, but the most important metric is reduced downtime. The battery room in a distribution center can sometimes be overlooked. That is until your fleet of forklifts sit idle with dead batteries because the battery changer is down for maintenance. This critical piece of equipment needs to be up and running 24/7 and having a Carney remote interface helps ensure it is.