We’ve all seen them while shopping online; chatbots are everywhere, a software application used to conduct online chat conversations via text or text-to-speech instead of providing direct contact with a live human agent.

The question is, how are they affecting businesses in 2021? Online traffic of all kinds has skyrocketed during the pandemic, with many working virtually. In 2018, Outgrow projected that 80% of companies would have some chatbot system implemented by 2021, which accurately predicted finance, healthcare, education, travel, and real estate businesses heavily profiting from chatbots.

What Do Chatbots Do for Your Business? In addition to placing orders online and making reservations, chatbots can reduce customer service costs by an average of 30%. Businesses with active chatbots reported that two-thirds of consumers had used their chatbot application in the last year through social media applications like Facebook or online.

Chatbot Benefits


  • Internal Processes: Chatbots can be utilized internally to guide staff through manual processes, making paperwork virtual and easy for administrators.
  • Customer Support: Answering customer inquiries, directing customers to specific products and people depending on need, and if unsuccessful helping customers submit questions or providing prompts to visit the self-help library.
  • Online Shopping: Prompting customers to complete online purchases, provide sizing information, or simply helping them navigate product availability.

Chatbots are a great addition to any business venture. Still, the truth is, if done incorrectly, they are not only creepy but frustrating and provide ineffective information, poor suggestions, or just plain incorrect responses. So, care must be taken when implementing an AI (Automated Intelligence) application like a chatbot.

Companies Doing It Right!


1. Whole Foods

The Whole Foods website has an innovative and interactive, customer-facing chatbot. The chatbot requests contact information and allows you to select a department, so your inquiry is funneled to a live representative. This reduces unnecessary navigating and service time, leaving customers happy with the quick and easy service.

whole foods website

2. Elegant Themes

Using a different approach, elegant themes has implemented a chatbot with a dual purpose, to provide customer support and allocate customers to a service representative. The application is quick and direct, providing instant access to the self-help library.

whole foods website

3. Belairdirect

Taking the online experience to a whole new level, Belairdirect virtual assistants will provide a quote on the spot, making recommendations based on inputted information, ultimately driving sales because of their immediate customer support. Belairdirect also has an intricate app with policies, support, and account updates available at the touch of a button. A fantastic example of AI done right.

whole foods website

Chatbots are worth it, a fantastic solution for several industries encompassing many B2B and B2C business sectors where cost reduction, customer support, and lead generation are priorities. Look at the above examples before you invest, and make sure you partner with an AI provider that can meet your business needs.