Today marks the 46th World Environment Day, a day chosen to raise awareness of emerging environmental issues.  In many ways, our industry is at the forefront of several environmental concerns. Contributing to global warming (greenhouse gas emissions), sustainable consumption & large-scale manufacturing, making us part of global conversations in the race to prevent environmental impact. CBH, as always, is pushing forward to flatten the curve, innovating products that will ignite ingenuity and create efficiencies improving the methodology of traditional battery handling.

Since we originated in 1984, Carney Battery Handling has continuously driven the industry forward, focusing on innovation and improving the longevity of equipment to reduce its effects on the environment, providing solutions that speak to the need of our customers without sacrificing quality.

As originators of battery handling equipment, we are very aware of the looming concerns that battery waste causes for many businesses. Thankfully, nowadays most large-scale batteries are recycled as Global manufacturers grow more conscious of the impacts our industry has had on the environment. Better still, CBH specializes in helping businesses get the most out of their batteries, prolonging battery life with state-of-the-art changing equipment, wastewater treatment systems, proper ventilation, and compact designs. Here are some of our products that reflect our goal of contributing to environmental sustainability.

The Battery Bull Narrow

The BBN or Battery Bull Narrow has been designed to fit into smaller spaces. User-friendly with ergonomic controls built to last decades, the BBN is perfect for smaller companies looking to make small operational changes that will impact their global footprint. How? By choosing a system built for longevity that is run with electricity. A common and trending approach in the industry is to use electricity to power largescale equipment instead of hydraulics, diesel of gas.


A Ventilation Room

Lead-acid batteries release hydrogen gas that can be potentially explosive. This means that battery rooms need ventilation. CBH is the only manufacturer to provide a unique at-the-source extraction system that is fully integrated into the battery rack system. The exhaust vents are situated directly behind the batteries, the system constantly pulls cool air over the battery removing all harmful gases, simultaneously cooling the batteries for a safe experience.

A Wastewater Treatment System

The WWTS provides a sustainable approach to handling and managing the contaminants in battery wastewater by preventing them from re-entering the environment, separating contaminants for removal, and reclaiming 98% of the water for re-use. Engineered and constructed as a stand-alone unit, the WWTS can couple with your existing battery washing system or pair with the CBH Automatic Battery Maid to complete a start-finish battery washing system.

For us at CBH, World Environment Day is a day of reflection. To ensure that we are fulfilling our duty as industry leaders, building a sustainable future, and fulfilling our responsibility to our community.

What does World Environment Day mean to you?