It is no secret that germs are everywhere! An average of 179 million cases of the coronavirus have been recorded since March of last year and although the percentage of people that are fully vaccinated is climbing, the coronavirus has made many hyper diligent when communicating with others.

Everyone has developed their own methodology to avoid germs during the pandemic which typically include diligent sanitization, calculated hand washing, or hibernating at home, but ultimately (and according to the experts), the simplest way to avoid the virus is to stop making unnecessary physical contact with others. I know difficult to do, especially if, like me, you prefer physical greetings like hugs or handshakes. The next time you greet a colleague, friend, or family member, try using one of these five covid-friendly greetings that do not require physical touch.


1. Salute, Wave or Say Hello

Get creative with your alternatives to the “traditional” handshake, wave, say hello, or even salute colleagues & acquaintances. A simple hello with a smile can go a lot further than a traditional handshake. After all, body language is the most used form of communication, and a bright smile is the best kind.

2. Air Kisses

A popular “traditional” greeting in Europe is the cheek-to-cheek air kiss – an intimate greeting used frequently overseas, but it is not preferable if you are trying to avoid germs. A great substitute for this greeting is a distanced “air kiss” which implies the same greeting but can be practiced from 6ft away.  

3. Touch Feet

Recently a popular Tik-Tok trend and an alternative to the “traditional” hug, touching feet is a fun, covid-friendly form of physical contact that can be entertaining for friends and family, helping you keep your distance from loved ones.

4. Stick Out Your Tongue

This traditional Tibet greeting is a fantastic substitute for rubbing or bumping noses which is typically practiced in Qatar or Yemen. It’s a great way to make greeting others fun while keeping a safe distance. I have a feeling that this greeting will be popular for those with kids, after all, what kid doesn’t want to stick their tongue out at strangers!

5. When All Else Fails

The Wakanda salute or the tip of a hat will do. 

Tell us in the comments what method of greeting you’ve adopted during the pandemic.

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